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Tatar affirms growth of 'strong Turkish presence' in Cyprus

Ersin Tatar: Turkish Cypriots prevented Cyprus from becoming entirely Greek


The Turkish Cypriot leader, Ersin Tatar, asserted during a lecture titled "Lessons Learned from the May 27 Coup and the Peace Operation in Cyprus," given at Sakarya University in Turkey, that the self-declared state is evolving into a "strong Turkish presence" in the region with the backing of Turkey.

Tatar emphasized that peace was established on the island in 1974 and highlighted significant gains made by Turkish Cypriots over the past five decades. He credited their struggle for preventing Cyprus from becoming entirely Greek and for establishing an "independent Turkish entity" on the island, which has since become a member of the Organization of Turkish States and solidified its position as a formidable presence in the Eastern Mediterranean.

During his lecture, Tatar asserted that Cyprus is integral to Turkey, emphasizing the strengthening of ties through projects like water transfer to occupied territories and plans for electrical interconnection via cable, which he believes will further cement their bond.

Addressing the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Sakarya, Tatar underscored the upcoming 50th anniversary of the invasion, reiterating the pivotal role of the Turkish military in preventing Cyprus from becoming Greek by fighting alongside Turkish Cypriot forces.

Tatar reaffirmed commitment to furthering development of the self-declared state in collaboration with Turkey, emphasizing its strategic importance to Turkey. He highlighted ongoing efforts to enhance prosperity and economic growth, citing significant strides made in partnership with Turkey, particularly in tourism and education.

[Information sourced from CNA]

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