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Auditor general's objection rejected

Court rules against auditor general in misconduct allegations


The Supreme Constitutional Court has unanimously rejected an objection raised by Auditor General Odysseas Michaelides in a case concerning his alleged misconduct.

The statement: 

'The Attorney General has the right to submit a request for the dismissal of Odysseus Michaelides
The Plenary of the Supreme Constitutional Court unanimously rejected the preliminary objection filed by the Auditor General's side on whether the Attorney General is empowered by the Constitution to seek the dismissal of the Auditor General of the Republic for misconduct. The Judicial Council acknowledged that the Attorney General has such power with Council Chairman Anthony Liatsos stating that the Council aligned itself with the position of the Attorney General. Following this development, the Auditor General's side indicated that he would not insist on the second preliminary issue he had decided to raise.'

The court's decision came as part of preliminary proceedings in a case filed by Attorney General George Savvidis, who is seeking Michaelides’ dismissal.

In the courtroom, it was announced that Michaelides’ pre-trial objection was dismissed unanimously by the court’s council.

The case will proceed with hearings scheduled for June 12, 13, and 14. The Attorney General is expected to be the first witness to testify.

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