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Teen’s letter to president leads to arrest

Boy’s cry for help reaches president, leads to a family switcheroo


A 14-year-old boy has pulled a switcheroo on his stepdad, who had accused the teen of sexually molesting his half-brother that prompted authorities to take action against the juvenile.
The teenager was recently placed in foster care following allegations leveled against him by his stepfather, who accused the teen of sexually molesting the man’s four-year-old boy.
But the boy wrote a letter to the president, asking the government to help him be reunited with his mother and brother, alleging that his stepfather was being abusive towards him and his biological mother.
Justice Minister Ionas Nicolaou then weighed in and ordered the boy be returned to his mother. Knews understands the teenager has been reunited with his mom.
The minister also sought advice from the Legal Services department, asking to evaluate the 45 accusations that the man had made against the mother of teenager.
In his letter, the teenager was calling on President Nicos Anastasiades to save him and his family as well as help him get back home.
Police who searched the home of the stepfather confiscated a military rifle, while the suspect is now being investigated for possible offences including false accusations and making threats.
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