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Three days of perfect weather from the mountains to the sea

The weather forecast for the three-day weekend

by Andreas Kokkinos

With the three-day weekend rapidly approaching (since the October 28 holiday falls on a Friday just before the weekend), many Cypriots have already planned excursions and trips for the day or the entire weekend. Of course, the weather plays an important role in what activities we choose to do.

So, how will the weather be in Cyprus this weekend? Panagiotis Georgiou, a Meteorology Department official, told "K" that the weather will be mostly clear starting Friday, with temperatures rising to 28 degrees Celsius in the interior, 27 degrees Celsius on the coast, and around 18 degrees Celsius in the higher mountains, accompanied by increasing clouds.

On Saturday, the weather will follow a similar pattern in terms of temperatures, which will remain higher than average for the season, but there will be passing clouds in the highlands, which will not produce rain. Winds of 4 Beaufort are expected along the coast, possibly stronger, while the interior will remain clear.

The forecast for Sunday is similar, with the weather remaining mostly clear and clouds expected to disappear in the highlands. Temperatures will remain stable, despite dust and cloud outbreaks.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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