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Tornado strikes Limassol, leaves trail of destruction

Limassol's spirited rebuild after tornado havoc


In the early hours of Wednesday, February 14th, shocking videos surfaced on social media, capturing the terrifying sight of a tornado ripping through the tranquil streets of Limassol. The footage reveals a relentless onslaught, with sparks flying from HEC cables and trees struggling to stand amidst the tornado's fury.

Reports indicate significant damage to numerous properties, with one individual enduring the traumatic loss of finger amputation as the tornado tore through their residence.

Minister of Interior surveys damage in Yermasogeia

Minister Constantinos Ioannou swiftly responded to the crisis, arriving in the Yermasogeia area of Limassol, where he received briefings from local officials regarding the aftermath of not one, but two tornadoes that wreaked havoc in the early morning hours. The devastation was extensive, prompting mobilization efforts by the Yermasogeia Municipal Authority from as early as 3:00 am to address the widespread destruction.

Mayor Kyriakos Xydias recounted the ordeal, highlighting the scale of damage inflicted upon homes and businesses. He detailed the harrowing experience of residents as tornadoes tore through the Apollonia Hotel area and beyond, leaving a trail of fallen trees, destroyed nurseries, shattered windows, and dislodged roof tiles.

Restoration efforts and safety concerns

The aftermath of the tornadoes left vast areas in the Limassol district without electricity, with the EAC network suffering extensive damage. Efforts to restore service are underway, albeit challenged by the perilous conditions and extensive destruction of infrastructure.

Christina Papadopoulou, spokesperson for EAC, emphasized the magnitude of the damage, acknowledging the diligent efforts of EAC crews battling adverse weather conditions to expedite repairs and restore electricity supply.

Meanwhile, the Fire Service remains on standby, addressing immediate needs and urging citizens to exercise caution amid the potential hazards posed by downed electrical wires and hazardous debris.

Community resilience amidst adversity

Residents of Germasogeia recounted tales of survival and resilience amidst the chaos. Their accounts echoed the sentiment of a community shaken by the unexpected ferocity of nature. The passage of the tornadoes left behind a scene reminiscent of wartime devastation, with cranes tumbling, trees uprooted, and homes ravaged.

Minister Ioannou, in collaboration with local authorities, spearheaded efforts to assess damages, ensure citizen safety, and coordinate relief measures. The swift response and solidarity demonstrated by emergency services and municipal agencies reflect a united front in the face of adversity.

Road to recovery

As Limassol grapples with the aftermath of nature's wrath, road closures and infrastructure damage persist, underscoring the arduous road to recovery ahead. Minister Ioannou's presence at the Germasogeia town hall underscores the government's commitment to providing support and assistance to affected communities.

In the wake of tragedy, the resilience of Limassol's residents shines through, embodying a spirit of solidarity and determination to rebuild amidst the rubble. As the cleanup efforts continue and restoration begins, the community stands united, steadfast in the resolve to overcome adversity and emerge stronger together.

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