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Tourist drives into Peyia harbour

Fire fighters pull Russian woman out of the water in a Paphos car incident


A driver from Russia appears to have lost her sense of direction on Tuesday when she ended up with her car in the water at Agios Georgios harbour in Peyia, Paphos.

According to police, a Russian female was rescued in Ayios Georgios harbour on Tuesday afternoon with fire fighters responding to the emergency call and pulling her out of the water.

The driver reportedly used her mobile phone to notify authorities, while still sitting in her vehicle that was submerged about one metre deep.

The woman, described as a tourist, was taken to the Emergency Room at Paphos General Hospital for precautionary reasons, while no injuries had been reported.

According to media reports, the woman had gone grocery shopping at a local market and then drove westbound towards her residence, when at one point she ended up driving straight into the harbour without realising it.

There was low visibility in the area at the time of the incident, according to reports, while rain was not ruled out as a possible factor.

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