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Traffic cams are keeping roads safe and holding offenders accountable

Here's a closer look at the fines for common traffic violations detected by cameras


As many of us are aware, traffic cameras have been strategically placed around the island to deal with the serious problem of accidents on the roads. They're also there to make sure everyone follows the traffic rules by giving out fines without needing to go to court. These cameras are set up to catch things like speeding, running red lights, and not stopping at stop signs.

But these cameras do more than just catch speeding or running red lights.  Once the pictures are sent to police headquarters, officers can look closer at the pictures to find other infringements such as using your phone while driving, not wearing a seatbelt, or if a motorcyclist isn't wearing a helmet.

The fines for various offenses detected by the system are as follows:

Seatbelt violation: €150 (repeat offense within 3 years: €300)
Use of a mobile phone while driving: €150 (repeat offense within 3 years: €300)
Driving with hands not free (holding another object): €85 fine and 1-3 penalty points
Failure to wear a helmet (for motorcyclists): €200 (repeat offense within 3 years: €400)
Running a red light: €300
Violating the waiting line at traffic lights: €25

Source: 24News

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