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Traffic cams record over 30,000 violations

Citations are being processed and will be sent to drivers beginning today


Citations for moving violations recorded by traffic cams from the 1st of January will be processed and sent out to drivers beginning today.

According to the Assistant Head of Traffic Headquarters, Mr. Charis Evripidou, "from the day the system was installed, we saw a lot of violations, but gradually drivers started paying attention and so the number of violations has decreased".

When asked how many drivers were caught in a moving violation, Mr. Evripidou responded, "the number is very large, more than 30 thousand drivers were recorded committing a moving violation by the traffic cameras". As to what was the most number of violations, Mr. Evripidou couldn't answer specifically since the citations are still being processed.

At this time, there are four fixed and four mobile cameras around the city, but a total of 90 fixed and 20 mobile cameras are expected to be installed throughout Cyprus in the coming months, which will operate on a 24-hour basis.

What the cameras detect:

The cameras record speeding violations, running a red light and stopping past the line at an intersection. However, if, while committing a moving violation, the driver is pictured using a mobile phone, not wearing a seatbelt or a helmet if driving a motorcycle, then additional fines will be imposed.

The fines:

- Safety belt 150 euros (repeat offense within 3 years 300 euros)

- Use of telephone 150 euros (repeat offense within 3 years 300 euros)

- Non-use of a protective helmet 200 euros (repetition of an offense within 3 years 400 euros)

- Non-compliance with the traffic light - red 300 euros

- Violation of the waiting line at traffic lights 25 euros

Speed ​​limit:

An allowance of 10% + 2 kilometers applies to the speed limit around Cyprus.  That is, if the limit on a particular road is 50km, the driver will be allowed to exceed the limit by only 10% (ie 5km) plus 2, so 57km. At 58 km, the driver will be penalized. If the limit is 30km, the driver is allowed to exceed up to 35km, at 36km he will be cited.

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