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Tragic collision leads to harsher punishment for negligent driver

Initial sentence 'inadequate' in deadly crash


In a recent development, the Court of Appeals has revisited the sentencing in the tragic traffic death case involving 62-year-old Hungarian national Marta Tyorjanne.

As reported by Philenews, the incident, occurring on December 7, 2022, along Germasogeia's coastal road, prompted a reassessment of the initial 22-month prison term handed to a 35-year-old driver held responsible for the accident.

Originally criticized as "manifestly inadequate" by the Attorney General, the sentence triggered an appeal leading to the Court of Appeals extending the imprisonment to three years.

The Court of Appeals justified this decision, highlighting the inadequacy of the initial sentence. It emphasized that the previous term failed to serve the objectives of the law, protect public safety, act as a deterrent, or reflect the gravity of the manslaughter offense. Moreover, it was noted that such leniency could send erroneous signals to potential offenders, especially in cases involving fatal accidents, which are alarmingly prevalent.

The case was overseen by the Law Office of the Republic.

Marta Tyorjanne, a mother of two from Hungary, tragically lost her life in the collision while driving home after completing her shift at work.

The fatal incident occurred as the 35-year-old driver, accompanied by a 27-year-old passenger, was traveling east on Vasileos Georgiou Street. Ignoring a red light at the intersection with Panagioti Tsangari Street, the driver, speeding recklessly, collided with the vehicle of the 62-year-old attempting to enter the road.

Subsequent investigations revealed that the catastrophic collision resulted from the driver's combination of excessive speed, alcohol impairment, and blatant disregard for traffic signals, particularly the violation of a red light.

[With information sourced from Philenews]

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