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Minister Vafeades advocates photo-signals at fatal crossroad

Transport ministry pushes for upgrades and safer roads

Source: CNA

The Ministry of Transport will suggest to the Road Safety Council the installation of a photo-signaling system on the crossroad where the quadruple fatal traffic accident occurred on New Year's Day.

This was announced today by Minister, Alexis Vafeadis, after the meeting he held with experts from the Department of Public Works and the Department of Road Transport.

The accident occurred shortly after midnight on New Year’s Day and it resulted in the death of four people, two grandparents and their grandchildren.

In a statement after the meeting, Vafeadis said that the recommendations to the Road Safety Council include a number of different measures, both short-term and long-term, including the installation of traffic cameras for speed control.

If the suggestion is adopted, the photo-signaling system will be ready to operate within a few months. Until then, as the Minister said, he will recommend regular police patrols with portable cameras in the area.

The Minister also noted that the construction of a roundabout in the area is already under study and is expected to be completed within 3-4 years.

Also, one of the measures that the Ministry is considering, is the revision of the legislation for driving schools, as well as the update of the traffic code. Also, the Minister will suggest the construction of more road safety parks, aiming to a continuous training of the drivers.

The Road Safety Council is expected to meet within two weeks, to decide on measures

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