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Troodos blanketed with snow amid total lockdown

The fist snow of the winter season finally painted the Troodos mountains white on Thursday, though recreational visits will have to wait


The Troodos mountains were blanketed with snow for the first time this winter season on Thursday, though the total lockdown that will span until the end of month means recreational visits to higher altitudes will have to wait.

Inevitably, questions arise as to whether any of the legitimate reasons for travel included in the lockdown’s SMS system could be used to visit the eagerly-awaited snow.

According to 24news, the police spokesman Christos Andreou said the public is only allowed to visit other districts for exercise or work purposes, sending the relevant SMS to 8998.

Andreou said that visits to the mountains are expected to skyrocket over the weekend, with police to boost its presence along roads leading up to the Troodos mountains.

“Police checks will be strict, and if people are spotted violating decrees they will be booked,” Andreou said, clarifying that visits for recreational purposes aren’t allowed.


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