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Turkish Cypriot farmers protest lack of government dialogue

Escalating tensions: Farmers prepare for extended protests


Turkish Cypriot farmers are ramping up their demonstrations in the occupied territories, voicing their frustration over the absence of meaningful discussions with the authorities of the self-proclaimed state.

Reports from Turkish Cypriot media reveal that Mustafa Naimoylari, the president of the Turkish Cypriot Association of Producers and Breeders, criticized the lack of engagement between the farming community and the "government" officials. Naimoylari highlighted a recent meeting between "Prime Minister" Unal Ustel and "Agriculture Minister" Hussein Chavous Kelleh at the "Prime Minister's" office, where, he claims, no dialogue with farmers took place.

"They are talking amongst themselves, not to us," remarked Mr. Naimoylari, emphasizing that the farmers have not disrupted public order nor blocked any roads during their protests.

"We will escalate our actions on Monday with a greater number of vehicles," declared Mr. Naimoylari, expressing the farmers' determination. He criticized the "government" for underestimating the resilience of the livestock farmers, stating firmly, "We will not relent."

The demonstrations are set to continue tomorrow as tensions persist over the lack of communication and engagement between the authorities and the agricultural community.

[With information sourced from CNA]

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