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Turkish Cypriots among 19,642 new registrants for elections

European residents in Cyprus rush to register for voting rights

Newsroom / CNA

The latest count shows that 19,642 new voters have registered on the electoral rolls, Head of Electoral Service Menelaos Vasiliou told CNA on Tuesday, reminding that the deadline for registering ends at the end of the day.

In statements to CNA, Vasiliou said that out of total new voters registered, 10,332 are Cypriots, 59 are Turkish Cypriots who reside in the government contolled area of the Republic, 7,750 are Europeans who reside in Cyprus and wish to vote for the local administration elections while 1,560 are Europeans who wish to vote in the European Parliament elections.

Electronic registering of voters will continue until midnight while local administrations and citizen's service centres will be receiving registrations until 1700 hours local time.

Referring to how many polling stations will operate abroad, Vasiliou said that 3,772 people have registered to vote abroad on the basis of which polling stations will operate in Brussels, Athens, Salonica, Patra, Komotini, Volos, Heraklion, Ioannina, London, Manchester and Birmingham while it is also likely that that a polling station will operate in Glasgow.

He recalled that on June 9, eight different elections will take place, with voters being called to vote for European Parliament members, Mayors, Vice Mayors, local councilors, heads and members of community councils, Presidents of District Local Administrations and members of school committees.

All citizens of the Republic aged 18 and over who are residents in Cyprus as well as citizens of other EU member states who reside in Cyprus and are registered on the relevant electoral rolls are eligible to vote.

MEP hopefuls will officially submit their candidacy applications on April 24. Candidates for municipal councils, district local administration organisations and members of school committees will submit their applications on April 25, while members of community councils will submit their applications on April 29.

The budget for the elections is €6,650,000.

Votes will be counted in the polling stations.

It is not yet safe to say when final results will be announced, however the first results are expected to be announced within one to one and a half hours after the closing of voting

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