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Turkish document to EU justifies opening of Varosa

Accuses Greek Cypriot side of 'black propaganda'

Pavlos Xanthoulis

Ankara and the pseudo-state are jointly trying to stop the efforts to impose European measures against Turkey for Varosi. Kathimerini secured a document of the pseudo-state, which was prepared by the Turkish Foreign Ministry and sent to the EU, with the aim of stopping Nicosia's efforts to impose measures against Ankara. The three-page document (see photocopy), however, makes it clear that Ankara and the pseudo-state will proceed with their plans, claiming that "infrastructure, environmental and landscaping projects are underway in Varosi and the measures taken by it." "The TRNC will continue to respect property rights and be in line with international law."

The Turkish document, clearly trying to confuse, also states that the purpose of the pilot opening of part of the enclosed area of Famagusta is to manage the property issue, which as it points out was not possible until now due to the military status of the region. The document of Ankara and the pseudo-state also states the claim that "the majority of Greek Cypriot owners welcomed the decision of the 'TRNC'", for a pilot opening of a section of Varosi, while at the same time it claims that "about 40 applications" are already pending before the Greek Cypriots. real estate committee ", which can now be examined;

The Turkish document accuses the Greek Cypriot side of "black propaganda", claiming that it wants to prevent Greek Cypriot owners from appealing to the "real estate committee", "in an effort to maintain the status quo not only in Varosi but throughout the island".

At the same time, the document condones and ignores the fact that the opening of Varos is a violation of UN Security Council resolutions, arguing that "these baseless allegations are false." In this context, Ankara and the pseudo-state claim that the pilot opening of Varosi concerns only public spaces and "no resettlement plan has been announced that violates the rights of owners".  It added that "the lifting of the military regime does not mean resettlement", but as it claims, "it is a step towards the protection of property rights" and the actions of the "TRNC" are in line with the resolutions of the Security Council ".

According to the Turkish document, "the 'TRNC sees the opening of Varos as a' humanitarian movement', which will be economically beneficial to both the Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots". Moreover, it accuses the Greek Cypriot side of engaging in a campaign against the "TRNC" allegedly using non-existent accusations, for moves to settle the enclosed Famagusta and for looting the property of Greek Cypriot refugees.

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