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Tatar: The opening of Varos gave a new dimension to the Cyprus issue

Varosi was the territory of the pseudo-state to begin with

Source: CNA

The decision to open Varosi gave the Cyprus issue another dimension, said Ersin Tatar, while claiming that Varosi is the territory of the pseudo-state and part of the sovereignty of the "trnc".

In his speech during today's military parade in occupied Nicosia, Mr. Tatar said that the opening of the closed area of ​​Varos in 2020 is one of the most important "turning points" in the Cyprus issue.

"Any attempt to keep the Turkish side and Turkey out of energy will not be accepted," -Tatar

He then referred to the Turkish invasion of 1974, reiterating the claim that Turkey, as a guarantor power, had protected the Turkish Cypriots.

Regarding the negotiations on the Cyprus issue, Mr. Tatar referred to the talks in Crans Montana where the Greek Cypriot side insisted on a solution without an army and without guarantees, saying that the "Cypriot side continues its irreconcilable position and for this reason, any efforts remain fruitless ".

Negotiations continue for half a century on a basis for a federal solution "a solution model that has weakened," said Tatar, adding that "we will not enter a cycle of negotiations that do not accept our equal sovereignty and equal international recognition."

He reiterated that a just and lasting solution to the Cyprus problem can only be found by accepting "two states with equal sovereignty and equal international recognition."

He went on to say that both the EU and the UN must be impartial, adding that the Turkish Cypriot side would not stop insisting on equal sovereignty.

He went on to say that the pandemic had brought to the surface health problems and shortcomings, adding that a "reference hospital" had been set up with the help of Turkey and that a new 500-bed hospital would soon be operational.

Regarding the developments in the Eastern Mediterranean and the energy issue, he said that the Turkish Cypriots will defend their rights regarding hydrocarbons, reiterating the proposal for joint management of natural resources with the Republic of Cyprus.

"Any attempt to keep the Turkish side and Turkey out of energy will not be accepted," he said.

Concluding his speech, he referred to the "struggles" of Fazil Küçük and Rauf Denktaş, thanking Turkey and Turkish President Erdogan for their support.

In his speech, Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay, who represents the Turkish government and the Turkish President, referred to the "embargoes" against the pseudo-state, saying that lifting them would positively affect the prosperity of the island and lay the foundations for cooperation between the two sides.

He also said that Turkey and the pseudo-state always share the same views and claimed that the e / k side with its attitude "spoils the positive climate", adding that "our goal is cooperation and stability in the region but also to find a just and lasting solution to the Cyprus problem".

He reiterated that the protection of the rights of Turkish Cypriots, "equal sovereignty and equal international recognition" is a condition for reaching a solution.

As part of the "celebrations", a parade was held in occupied Nicosia and other occupied areas. During the parade, the Turkish Air Force team SOLO TURK demonstrated an F-16.

Conveying the "warm congratulations" of the Turkish President on the anniversary of the pseudo-state, Mr. Oktay said that the "two-state" solution is a non-negotiable proposal.

He referred to the evolution of the pseudo-state from Rauf Denktash until today, saying that both Turkey and the pseudo-state will continue their struggle for recognition.

He then referred to the issue of natural resources, saying that their joint management will be an opportunity for cooperation "but the Greek Cypriot side insists on unilateral moves".

Mr. Oktay said in his speech that Turkey's co-operation with the Occupied Territories and the "economic co-operation protocol" was bearing fruit in areas such as energy, health, agriculture and tourism, noting that programs and projects were being implemented.

Regarding the pandemic, he said that Turkey had sent about 500 thousand doses of vaccines to the pseudo-state and referred to various projects being implemented in the occupied territories with the support of the Turkish government and said that during his stay in the occupied territories he would inaugurate a hospital in occupied Kyrenia.

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