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Student protest against north turns sour

Bitter lemons and slogans mute speeches during demonstration against Turkish Cypriot declaration


A high school protest condemning the anniversary of the Turkish Cypriot unilateral declaration ended up with Greek Cypriot students pitted against each other, with reports saying offensive words were exchanged along with items tossed including lemons.

According to local media, students groups from a number of high schools in Famagusta district gathered on Monday in the amphitheater in Frenaros to demonstrate against the 1983 unilateral declaration of independence by Turkish Cypriots in the north.

But during the protest, it became clear that some groups were holding flags of the Republic of Cyprus while others showed up with Greek flags.

During speeches at the event, students in the audience shouted competing slogans, ranging from “Cyprus belongs to its people” to “Cyprus is Greek.”

Reports said at one moment a group of students, with some holding Greek flags and others wearing insignia, gathered in one area atop the center stage, with some throwing lemons and other citrus fruit at those seated during the event.

Videos were later posted online while local media said water bottles were also thrown during the incident along with fire bombs.

Students in videos were heard cursing at each other, some were calling for calm to let the speeches continue, while foul language was also heard such as “shut the fuck up and show some respect” “only a donkey would try to talk to you,” “you son of a bitch,” and “you bustard.”

Greek Cypriot students routinely take to the streets to protest against the self-proclaimed Turkish Cypriot state, whose leader Rauf Denktash declared independence 15 November 1983 in a move condemned by the United Nations and recognized only by Turkey.

Bitter lemons and slogans mute speeches during Greek Cypriot student demonstration against Turkish Cypriot 1983 declaration

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