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Animals abused during battlefield school prank

Back-to-school senior prank in Paralimni allegedly included torture and death of animals


Shocking reports of animal cruelty at Paralimni High School emerged on Monday, during a series of high school senior pranks that took place in many towns to mark first day of classes.

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Local media reported that during a back-to-school prank on Monday at Paralimni High School, Famagusta district, where smoke bombs and flares were being used, a video posted on social media also appeared to capture animal cruelty on film.

Viewer discretion advised – video below shows animal cruelty and/or death

'Some children, naturally, were crying after seeing this abhorrent display, the whole show took place in the presence of teachers'

The Animal Party Cyprus said live chickens and rabbits were thrown in the courtyard, with some of them ending up dying.

“Some children, naturally, were crying after seeing this abhorrent display, the whole show took place in the presence of teachers,” APC said.

In a video posted on Facebook by APC, a crowd of students on the ground floor were cheering on as fellow students behind a giant poster on the first floor were using flares and throwing smoke bombs.

Behind the poster that read “Hornier than ever” there were individuals whose appearances were obscured due to heavy smoke.

But at one moment in the video, a female student was heard saying “they’ve got chickens” while at one point (0:56) an animal was thrown in the courtyard along with a flare. "Oh my god, Jesus Christ," another female student exclaimed.

Reports said some students were crying during the incident while many others appeared in the video to be cheering on as the pranksters, believed to be seniors, were putting on a horror show.

It was not clear whether police were notified but local media said the Education Ministry was notified by the school authorities.

Police told Knews they had not received a specific complaint as of Tuesday morning. But later reports said investigators were looking into the incident and school officials were expeted to give statements to police.

APC has called on the perpetrators who are found guilty to be punished “no matter what their age may be,” adding that torturing and killing animals “only cause feelings of disgust, distress amongst the public, and humiliate our country internationally.”

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