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Donkey shot to death in the north

Turkish Cypriot media ask 'what kind of an ass did this' following reports of a donkey execution


The recent killing of a donkey has infuriated media and public in the north, especially following reports that said the animal was shot to death by a hunting rifle.

Viewer discretion advised - graphic photos below

A Turkish Cypriot online news publication, which also made headlines on social media in the south, has revealed that a donkey found dead recently in Karpas penisula was not poisoned as previously thought but shot to death.

“What kind of an ass did this,” Kibris Haber asked in its headline.

'What kind of an ass did this' Kibris Haber asked in its headline

Photos of the dead animal, a Cypriot native to the island, circulated on social media following an on-site inspection by vet officials, park rangers, and police officers. The photos show clearly that the donkey was shot by a gun, believed to be a hunting rifle, while an investigation has been launched to find the perpetrator.

Donkeys can roam free within a large area in Karpas, at the north-eastern tip of the island, where visitors are allowed to interact with them and feed them. The four-legged creatures are a protected species and are known to be very friendly with visitors at the park. 

An emergency number is also available in the north for people to notify authorities if they spot a wounded animal or to report threats to the natural environment. 

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