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At least 30 refugees drowned north of Cyprus

Boat carrying 150 people sinks off the Karpas peninsula, at least 30 dead


At least 30 people were drowned off the Cypriot coast north of the Karpas peninsula, when a boat carrying 150-160 Syrian refugees started taking on water on Wednesday.

According to Kibris Postasi, the boat started sinking around 6am when the engine room was flooded. Media reports said the incident took place while the boat was still in international waters.

The Turkish coast guard, joined by a number of boats nearby as well as a helicopter, managed to rescue close to 100 people while 30 confirmed dead.

Another 20 people were still missing while according to another Turkish Cypriot daily, Yeni Duzen, some refugees were being taken to Turkey while others could be handed over to Turkish Cypriot authorities if necessary.

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