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Crime boss was shouting at dutiful cops

Police chief orders probe into officers getting too comfortable with crime bosses


The police chief is reportedly perturbed over reports that a crime boss was lashing out at cops and cursing senior officials without them batting an eye.

According to Politis, reports of a crime boss shouting at mystified police officers who did nothing to stop him reached police headquarters, with Police Chief Zacharias Chrysostomou being one of the targets of the verbal assault.

The boss, who is believed to be involved in a number of criminal cases, was reportedly cursing the police chief as well as Justice Minister Ionas Nicolaou.

The report also said that the cops who were present did not try to stop him or press charges for swearing at a cop of senior official.

Chrysostomou reportedly ordered an investigation to examine allegations that cops in a specific Famagusta precinct provide cover for some nightclub owners while choosing to enforce the law against others.

Critics say Cyprus police are still battling corruption within their ranks, with some cases ending up being fought not only out in the field between cops and criminals but also between police factions within the force.

The story comes weeks following allegations leveled against the police by Paphos Mayor Phedonas Phedonos, who accused cops of being too friendly with crime bosses in his town, especially in the illicit drug trade.

Another unlikely critic of the police, Nicosia businessman Alexis “Alexoui” Mavromichalis who is suspected of having criminal ties, also spoke against police corruption.

In a recent Facebook post, Alexoui made references to “some big shot loan sharking drug dealers who broadcast their friendship and close ties with police officers.”

Alexoui was arrested after he made that statement.

Cyprus police, who recognise there have been corruption incidents in the past, say they are making every effort possible to make officers accountable and take action against those bad apples.

But they are stacked against a number of recent cases where police were seen either as incompetent or complicit in wrongdoing, making the work of the police chief and his team a lot more difficult.

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