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Man sentenced for throwing puppy off building

Nicosia judge adds 30 days to man’s current sentence in case involving animal abuse


A Nicosia judge sentenced a man to 30 days in prison for killing a puppy, after he threw it off a building during an argument.

According to local media, a 26-year-old male was having an argument in an Agios Dometios apartment in December 2016, when he suddenly grabbed the dog and threw it out from the third floor.

An eye witness saw the incident and called the cops, who rushed to the scene. Officers saw a broken windshield on a car parked outside but no sign of the injured dog.

'This is one of the most hideous cases of animal abuse' the judge said

It later turned out that the assailant had driven the injured puppy to another house and left it there to die.

Police investigators arrested the man who told them he had too much to drink and was under the influence.

In late January, a judge sentenced the man to three months behind bars after finding him guilty on drunk driving and reckless driving charges.

But Nicosia District Judge Nikolas Georgiades has added a 30 day sentence on animal abuse charges, ordering the prison terms to be served consecutively.

“This is one of the most hideous cases of animal abuse,” the judge said.

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