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Man kills dog, owner faces possible charges

Police contemplate filing charges against dog owner, after shooting incident


A Paphos resident is facing charges for killing a dog and wounding another one, while the owner of the two canines could also be facing charges of violating local ordinances.

According to police, a 53-year-old dog owner from Paphos filed a complaint accusing another local man, aged 62, of shooting his two dogs, killing one and wounding the other.

Shooter claims self defence

On Sunday, police paid a visit to the suspect, who told them he shot the dogs after he felt threatened. The man also told officers the dogs had attacked and killed his rabbits just outside his house, adding that he tried to scare them off by throwing water at them at first.

Officers found one dog alive in the owner’s residence and confirmed the injuries, which appeared to be gunshot wounds, while they searched for the other dog which was found dead some 150 metres away from the suspect’s residence, inside a neighbour’s yard.

Dog owner could also face charges

The dog owner told police officers that the two canines crossed the front gate of his premises and took off around 5:20pm. He later took his injured dog to a private vet for medical treatment, while the dead dog and three dead rabbits were also taken to the state vet.

The state vet, according to police, said the canine had died of gunshot wounds while the rabbits were killed by dog bites.

According to Kathimerini Cyprus, officers are considering the possibility of pressing charges against the dog owner for possibly violating ordinances by allowing the canines to run loose. Such an offence would be a misdemeanor, while it was not clear what charges would be brought up against the suspect.

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