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Man arrested after a dog is shot dead

Local male in rural Limassol arrested for causing physical harm to a canine during shooting incident


A 62-year-old local male was placed under arrest on Thursday in connection with the fatal shooting of a hunting dog a few days ago.

The incident took place a few days ago, with police saying they received a complaint from a 32-year-old man who took his three dogs on a training walk in a rural area in Limassol.

At one point, the dogs walked away from their owner and approached a farm shed, where a man with a hunting rifle aimed and shot at the dogs, killing one of them.

Police from Lania and Kalo Chorio stations arrived on the scene and located the 62-year-old man. Officers then searched his place and confiscated a hunting rifle and twelve shell casings, one of which was empty.

The suspect admitted to shooting at the dogs while a state veterinary official determined that the death of the canine was caused by rifle cartridge that damaged internal organs.

Lania police station has taken over the case.

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