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Cyprus hunters form political party

New lobby called United Cyprus Hunters Association files for paperwork


A new group is knocking on the door of political lobbying in Cyprus, as organised hunters have taken all steps except formalities to join the political landscape.

A movement calling itself the “United Cyprus Hunters Association” says it has sent a letter to the Central Election Service, asking the Elections Commissioner of the Republic of Cyprus to register their group as a new political party.

The UCHA also issued a statement on Friday, reaching out to a largely diverse base.

“We call on all our friends to come under one hunting platform,” the group said in the statement, adding that “divide and rule is over, we are all hunters regardless of the different types of prey.”

According to CNA News Agency, brochures will circulate within the next few days in Limassol district and later in other areas, calling on supporters to “actively engage” in a political process.

“We call for base politics maneuvres in order to prevent the destruction of hunting as an institution,” the statement said.

UCHA says besides drawing membership and support based on hunting, the party will reach out and “go beyond” those issues.

Hunting has been a part of a big debate in Cyprus recently, as authorities tried to regulate some areas while activist groups also targeted illegal poaching. But both were met with local resistance which remained, until now, largely fragmented across the land.

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