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Police bust network selling illegal goods

Cop arrested for selling online illegally-obtained products and electronics


A police officer has been arrested in connection with a case involving fraud and theft, where two phone company employees supplied him with illegal goods for sale on the internet.

According to Kathimerini Cyprus, a 44-year-old suspect who is police officer has been detained in connection with illegal activity from January through August 2018, where he bought illegal goods at a low price and resold them online.

A 45-year-old employee at a mobile phone company was also arrested while his 33-year-old colleague is wanted by police, as the two men are being suspected of defrauding their employer by presenting fake sales contracts in order to receive company coupons, which they then used for purchasing electronic goods.

The cop is accused of buying the illegal goods at a low price and then selling them online at a profit.

The total worth of good obtained by false pretences is estimated at €140,000.

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