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Pit bull bites woman in Limassol

Woman who tried to rescue her house cat during a canine attack got bitten on the hand


Police are on the lookout for a black pit bull in Limassol, following a complaint by a 47-year-old woman who says she was bitten by the dog while it was attacking her cat.

According to media reports, when a woman heard noise outside her residence on Monday night, she went outside and saw a dog attacking her house cat. While she was trying to rescue the feline, the pit bull bit the woman on her hand.

Officials received additional information regarding stray dog roaming around in the area in Pareklisia, while in the last few days there had been four cases of cats and dogs found dead following an attack.

Police are teaming up with state vets to locate the pit bull. It was not immediately clear whether the dog in question was stray, homeless or in search of its owner.

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