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Dog owner to talk to cops after pooch bites boy

Police say the dog escaped from a holding area and run up to the boy


The dog owner, whose canine bit a young boy in Paphos, is expected to report to the town's police station in connection with possible charges against him. 

On Wednesday morning, a 9-year-old boy was riding a bicycle when a dog run up to him and bit him on various parts of his body.

Reports said the dog had been on a leash in a holding area but managed to escape at the time of the incident.

Police told Knews the dog was not on the list of dangerous or banned breeds, however a more specific description of the canine was not immediately available.

The boy is being treated by medical doctors at Paphos General Hospital for precautionary reasons, according to reports.

The owner of the pooch was expected to be questioned by investigators on Thursday at Paphos police station.

He could face charges of reckless endangerment and for not securing his dog properly.

No arrests were made regarding the incident.

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