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Rotties attack two women in Paphos

Dog owner under arrest after his two dogs attack mother-daughter in Kato Paphos


A 39-year-old man is in police custody in Paphos following a dog attack by two Rottweilers, sending two female victims to the Emergency Room.

The two women, mother and daughter aged 79 and 45, were taking a stroll Sunday around 7:30pm in Kato Paphos, when suddenly they were attacked by two Rottweilers according to their complaint to police.     

The attack took place in the Pharos area near the archaeological park, with the two Rotties running initially to the mother and knocking her to the ground, and then one of the two dogs turning on the daughter who had tried to intervene.

Both women were driven to the ER at Paphos General Hospital in a private vehicle, where doctors treated them for dog bites and related injuries. Surgery was also a possibility while it was not clear whether the dogs had been properly vaccinated.

The owner of the two dogs was arrested on charges in connection with violating dog ordinances, including not keeping the dogs under control. 

Another incident took place one week ago in Limassol, when a 29-year-old woman was injured anmd ended up in the ER. The woman had been walking with her husband and their two dogs, when another man with a Rottie were walking near by. Media reports said the dogs were all acting aggressively towards each other and at one point the Rottie managed to get loose and run towards the woman and her dog.

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