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Woman dies after falling off scenic cliff

Greek Cypriot woman, aged 66, succumbs to injuries after falling off a cliff near Kykkos


A local woman died in hospital Sunday nigh, hours after falling off a famous scenic cliff while trying to take photographs.

According to media reports, a 66-year-old female from Nicosia stopped at Kremmos Tis Pellis around noon, on the road between Kykkos and Stavros Tis Psokas, to take a photograph. At one point, under circumstances not fully known yet, she lost her footing and fell some 30 metres off the cliff.

Due to poor weather conditions and many winding roads in the area, a helicopter was dispatched to the area for an air lift operation. The woman, described by sources as a Greek Cypriot, was transported to the Nicosia General Hospital where she was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.

Initially, she was said to be in critical while she succumbed to her injuries later in the evening.

The Kambos police station is investigating the incident.

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