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Two repatriated persons test positive for virus

One of the two new cases had initially tested negative upon repatriating to Cyprus, but then began developing coronavirus symptoms leading to a re-test


Two repatriated persons tested positive for coronavirus on Wednesday, though one had initially tested negative before developing symptoms, a Health Ministry announcement said.

One of the two new cases involved a person who was recently repatriated, but who had tested negative for the virus upon arriving on the island. The man then began developing concerning symptoms, leading to his GP referring him for a second test, which came back positive.

The second new case, that also involved a repatriated person, emerged after 125 samples collected from recent returnees were checked for the virus. The Health Ministry said contact tracing efforts are underway.

The new cases emerged after a sum of 1,369 samples were checked for the virus, raising total known cases to 974.

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