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Two rescued from car trapped in raging water

Limassol first responders enlist helicopter to help driver and passenger trapped in water


A car with two passengers was trapped in raging water in Limassol, with fire fighters getting emergency calls in all districts from trapped drivers.

According to police, a vehicle was trapped in Limassol after a driver and a passenger found themselves caught in raging water in the Alassa – Lofou area.

Drivers are reminded not to pass through areas covered with water, as a vehicle could be swept away or get trapped in raging water

Due to limited access by land, a helicopter was called to the scene to assist in the rescue operation. Reports said first responders had a difficult time getting to the trapped vehicle due to the raging water and poor weather conditions.

According to Cyprus News Agency (CNA), the two people inside the car were found to be in good health.

The Fire Department has issued a warning to members of the public to avoid putting themselves and others in harm’s way, asking them to stay away from raging waters whether by car or on foot in all districts.

Reaction Cyprus also issued a warning to remind drivers not to pass through areas covered with water, especially where there is moving water as a vehicle could easily be swept away by a small amount of raging water.

“Do not overestimate the capabilities of your vehicle,” the NGO said.

Drivers are asked to seek alternative routes even if it involves several miles of detour. 

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