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UK Parliament rejects second referendum

Parliament voted to extend article 50 and delay Brexit


With 334 votes against and 85 in favour MPs have tonight rejected an amendment calling for a second referendum on Britains exit from the European Union.

The Labour party did not back the amendment calling for another referendum. Twenty five Labour MPs rebelled against their party leadership by voting for the amendment.

Speaker John Bercow selected four amendments to be debated.

Labour MP Lucy Powell's amendment, which specifies that Article 50 should only be extended until 30 June, has been rejected by 314 votes to 311, a majority of just three votes.

MPs also narrowly rejected a motion for Parliament to take control of the Brexit process by just 2 votes. 

The UK Parliament has now backed the government's motion to seek to extend Article 50 and delay Brexit beyond 29 March, by 412 votes to 202, a majority of 210.



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