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Cyprus prepares for hard Brexit

Foreign Ministry voices disappointment following House Brexit vote

Newsroom / CNA

Cyprus intensifies preparations in view of a possible hard Brexit said today Foreign Ministry spokesperson Demetris Samuel.

Samuel said that “even though we fully respect the sovereign decision of the House of Commons, we are disappointed by the result of last night’s voting in London, as it is obvious that it does not lead us closer to an orderly Brexit.”

“We continue to consider, as our European partners and the European Commission do, that the ratification of the withdrawal agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom government that was concluded last November, in combination with the additional assurances given on behalf of the EU, is the only way which secures that Brexit will be completed in the most orderly and smooth way, under the circumstances,” Samuel added.

He went on to say that “we continue to hope that within the period until March 29 positive developments will take place,” assuring that “we will continue to work with our partners in Brussels towards this direction, even though the required decisions need to be taken by London.”

“In parallel, the Republic of Cyprus will intensify preparations which have been underway since last summer in the event that we will be faced with the scenario of a no-deal Brexit,” the Foreign Ministry spokesperson concluded.

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