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Woman dies hours after hospital visit

Family files police report after a 48-year-old woman died hours after hospital release in Paphos


A family has hired a private forensic pathologist following the death of a 48-year-old woman, who died hours after she was released from hospital in Paphos.

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According to local media, a female was taken by her relatives to the Emergency Room at Paphos General Hospital after she complained of not feeling well on Tuesday.

Doctors who examined the woman later released her from hospital after she saw signs of improvement.

But hours later the woman lost consciousness in her own home and was once again rushed to the ER at Paphos General, where doctors on duty pronounced her dead on arrival.

No details were made known regarding the incident but local reports said the family was preparing to take legal action, citing doctors being too quick to relapse the patient from their care. Knews understands the relatives of the deceased have hired a private forensic pathologist who will be present during the post mortem.

Police received a formal complaint by a member of the family on Wednesday, accusing doctors of medical negligence.

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