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Vasilikos LNG project defenders hit back amid accusations

CPP-METRON Consortium stands firm, calls claims ''ludicrous''


In response to mounting skepticism, the CMC Administration issued a resolute defense of the CPP-METRON Consortium Ltd's ability to undertake the Vasilikos LNG Receiving and Regasification Terminal project. Through a series of press releases unveiled on Thursday, CMC vehemently refuted assertions casting doubt on CPP's competency, asserting the consortium's readiness to execute the ambitious venture.

Challenges to CPP's expertise surfaced in recent media coverage and interviews, prompting CMC to address what it perceives as baseless criticisms. Dismissing claims of inadequacy as "ludicrous and defamatory," CMC underscored CPP's extensive experience and international recognition in similar large-scale projects. The consortium adamantly denied any abandonment or coercion tactics, reaffirming its steadfast commitment to completing and operating the LNG terminal.

CMC's defense extended to concerns surrounding the 'ETYFA Prometheas' vessel, whose seaworthiness has been a subject of debate. Emphasizing Lloyds Register's endorsement of the vessel, CMC emphasized that delays in its arrival were beyond its control. The consortium expressed apprehension over infrastructure readiness upon the vessel's arrival in Cyprus, urging ETYFA to ensure adequate facilities.

Delays in project timelines were attributed by CMC to various factors, including the late appointment of the Owner's Engineer by ETYFA and procedural irregularities. Additionally, the consortium pointed to unilateral changes imposed by ETYFA, complicating project scopes and timelines. Despite these challenges, CMC reiterated its commitment to overcoming obstacles and delivering on its obligations, calling for renewed collaboration with ETYFA to realize Cyprus's gas utilization ambitions.

[With information from CNA]

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