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Limassol bust unveils alleged money laundering operation

Foreign nationals apprehended in covert operation led by Limassol organized crime unit

Newsroom / CNA

In a targeted operation, Limassol's Organized Crime Unit (OPE) swooped in on a suspected money laundering operation, resulting in multiple arrests and the seizure of significant sums of cash.

Acting on intelligence and surveillance, OPE operatives discreetly monitored a specific location believed to be a hub for illicit financial activities. The operation escalated when a car parked outside the premises attracted their attention.

Upon intercepting the vehicle, authorities discovered two occupants—a 33-year-old driver and a 34-year-old passenger, both foreign nationals. A subsequent search of the passenger's belongings yielded 17 envelopes stuffed with cash totaling €161,425.

The 34-year-old passenger was promptly arrested for unlawful possession of the money and escorted to the Limassol Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for further questioning.

Simultaneously, authorities moved to investigate the premises, where they encountered a 41-year-old individual claiming to be the. Both he and the driver of the intercepted car were summoned for interrogation at the Limassol CID.

A thorough search of the premises unearthed a staggering €706,300, along with US dollars, British pounds, banknote counting machines, and empty envelopes believed to be used for packaging cash.

Subsequent searches conducted at the 34-year-old's residence led to the discovery of additional cash amounting to €815, along with mobile phones and more empty envelopes.

Both the 34-year-old and the 41-year-old were apprehended under court warrants and placed in custody pending further investigation.

The Financial Crime Investigation Bureau of the Limassol CID remains at the forefront of ongoing efforts to crack down on money laundering activities in the region.

[Information from Police announcement]


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