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Over 3800 households apply for 'Photovoltaics for All' project

Renewable energy initiative gains momentum with surging interest in solar installations

Andreas Karamitas

According to data from the Renewable Energy Fund, 3863 applications have been submitted by households to participate in the "Photovoltaics for All" project. This recently activated initiative aims to install photovoltaic systems in the homes of citizens who lack financial flexibility. Sources from the Ministry of Energy, cited by "K," indicate growing interest, with applications continually flowing in from citizens and installation companies.

Although the Energy Minister initially announced that the project would close upon reaching 6000 applications, the President, in his speech, expressed a goal for the project to continue if appropriate funds are secured. Simultaneously, the matter is under scrutiny by the relevant parliamentary committee, which expresses optimism regarding the possibility of extending the project after reaching 6000 applications.

It's worth noting that the plan offers €250 per kW with a maximum grant of €1000 (for 4kW), along with an investment repayment of €1000 per kW, capped at €4000. All households and vulnerable citizen groups are eligible to participate.

[This article was translated from its Greek original and edited for clarity and brevity]

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