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Vienna retains top spot as most pleasant city to live in

London ranks 46th and New York 69th in the latest global city index

Vienna maintains its position as the most pleasant city to live in, according to the annual rankings released by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The Austrian capital has secured the top order for the fourth time in the past five years. However, protests against pension reform in France have led to Paris and Lyon dropping in the rankings, with Paris falling from 19th to 24th place and Lyon from 25th to 30th. London ranks 46th and New York 69th in the latest rankings. The study assesses cities based on stability, health, culture, environment, education, and infrastructure criteria. Vienna excels in these areas but is penalized for its lack of major sporting events. Copenhagen secures the second position, while cities in Australia, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, and New Zealand feature in the top rankings.

Η Βιέννη καλύτερη πόλη στον κόσμο για να ζει κανείς-1Overall, the quality of life index has reached its highest level in fifteen years, driven by improvements in health, education, and culture after the easing of pandemic-related restrictions. Cities in Asia and Oceania, including Wellington, Hanoi, and Kuala Lumpur, have experienced significant rises in the rankings. However, cities in Europe have seen stability scores decline due to protests. Kyiv returns to the rankings but occupies the 165th position, while Damascus remains the world's worst city to live in, according to the EIU.
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