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Wave of 500 migrants arrive in Cyprus within 48 hours

Migrant surge sparks emergency talks: Cyprus, EU plot measures


Two boats carrying a total of 68 migrants arrived in Cyprus during the night. According to reports, 67 individuals are from Syria, with one person originating from Bangladesh.

The first vessel was intercepted around 00:55, carrying 43 people, including 25 men, five women, six children, and seven unaccompanied individuals. By 4 a.m., authorities safely transferred the migrants to the Agia Napa Marina. The process of documenting their details is currently underway.

The second boat was intercepted at 02:30, carrying 25 migrants, comprising 16 men, one woman, two children, and six unaccompanied individuals. At 04:40, these migrants were also transferred to the Agia Napa Marina, with their information being recorded.

Police arrested two individuals from Syria, aged 26 and 52, who are expected to appear before the Famagusta District Court today for issuance of detention orders.

The two vessels are believed to have departed from Lebanon and were located southeast of Cape Greco. The arrival of nearly 500 irregular migrants within the past 24 hours has raised concerns in the Republic of Cyprus.

President Christodoulides has convened an emergency meeting of the National Security Council (NSC) to address the ongoing migration issue, which commenced at 8:30 a.m.

The session is attended by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Interior, Justice and Public Order, Defense, the Government Spokesperson, the Deputy Minister for European Affairs, the Attorney General, and the Police, National Guard, and Coast Guard Chiefs.

Additionally, speaking on Radio 3, Government Spokesperson Constantinos Petrides stated that the President would receive a more detailed briefing during the broad consultation. Discussions will focus on measures that the Republic of Cyprus, in collaboration with the European Union, can take to stem the flow of migrants.

Among other things, he added, urgent reevaluation of the situation in Syria will be requested from Nicosia, which may contribute to addressing the issue since most migrants arriving in Cyprus are Syrian nationals.

On Monday, April 1st, three vessels carrying approximately 137 irregular migrants were detected by the radar of the Republic of Cyprus in maritime areas off Cape Greco.

Additionally, during the night, two boats carrying a total of 68 migrants arrived in Cyprus. It is noteworthy that on Sunday, four more vessels were detected, carrying 272 men, women, children, and unaccompanied minors, originating from the shores of Syria. Four individuals were arrested to facilitate investigations.


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