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Weather hotter than expected

Officials revise forecast with highs at 38, temperatures expected to ease by weekend


Weather officials have revised the forecast for Wednesday, with rising temperature highs expected to reach 38 degrees inland while humidity remains low.

Wednesday skies will remain clear throughout the day with weak to moderate winds and calm to relatively calm seas.

According to weather officials, maximum temperatures on Wednesday will register 38 degrees inland, while parts in the east and south will remain at 34. It will be 30 in all other coastal regions as well as up in the mountains.

"Feel factor" not unpleasant due to low humidity

Humidity estimates currently remain very low, below 20%, thus making the "feel factor" this week not any hotter than actual temperatures. Typically, hot summer temperatures combined with high humidity cause the feel factor to reach several degrees above actual temperatures.

Temperature lows will drop down to 18 all around the island, as evening weather will remain clear but also with scattered clouds at mid-level and higher altitudes. These clouds are not expected to produce rain, according to weather experts.

Thursday weather will be mostly clear with mid-level clouds while dust in the atmosphere is also expected to reach moderate levels. Cloud formations are expected to disappear by Friday along with an ease on maximum temperatures that will drop further by Saturday. However, temperatures are expected to remain above the normal averages for this time of the year.

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