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Temperatures climb but humidity still low

Hot weather expected to dominate this week while humidity and dust remain at low levels


A warm weather front is affecting the area over Cyprus, brining along higher temperatures while humidity still remains low at least for now.

Tuesday skies will be mostly clear with winds ranging from weak to moderate and the sea from calm to relatively calm.

Maximum high temperatures will reach 35° Celsius inland, 31 in the south and in the east, about 28 in the north and out west, while it will be 26 degrees up in the highest elevations.

Evening weather will remain mostly clear with low temperatures dropping down to 19 degrees inland, in the south and eastern parts, around 17 in the north and on the west coast, while it will be 16 in the mountains.

Humidity below 20%

Humidity remains low, estimated just below 20%, while no solid estimates were available for the coming days. As a general rule, when a warm front replaces cold air mass on the island, the air becomes noticeably warmer and more humid. In Cyprus, humidity rises considerably in summer weather. 

Clear skies are also expected on Wednesday, when temperate will rise and stay above normal averages for this time of the year. Previous forecast reports said maximum highs could reach 37.

Cloudy skies are expected on Thursday but no rain due to thin strands forming only at the higher altitudes. Officials said dust particles will be present in the atmosphere but there were no signs of air quality warnings throughout the day.

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