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Cops launch distracted driving campaign

Traffic police embark on weeklong hands free road safety awareness campaign


Traffic police will be watching out for distracted drivers this week, during a weeklong campaign against drivers using their mobile phones or otherwise not driving hands-free.

Starting from Monday May 13 through Sunday May 19, officers will be out and about warning drivers and issuing tickets to those who violate the hands-free driving rule.

A police picture posted on social media drew particular attention to texting, which is believed to be a major distraction for drivers as they try to compose a text message on their phone while trying to remain alert on the road.

These habits are known to reduce reaction time significantly thus raising the risk of an accident

“The message will reach its destination, but what about you?” the post said.

It is illegal in the Republic of Cyprus to drive while either one or both hands are not freely being used in the operation of the vehicle. Officers are given discretion whether to issue citations on a number of offences, ranging from talking on the phone, grabbing a bite to eat, applying makeup, and other activities.

Police said this awareness campaign, the second of its kind this year, will focus primarily on texting and using mobile phones without hands-free while driving, habits which are known to reduce reaction time significantly thus raising the risk of an accident.

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