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Undocumented migrants rescued off Larnaca

Pregnant woman and three children among Syrian refugees picked up off Cape Greco


Over a dozen Syrian presumptive refugees have been rescued Sunday night off the coast of Cape Greco, including three children and a pregnant woman.

According to Cyprus News Agency (CNA), authorities were alerted by a commercial ship that spotted a boat on Sunday afternoon at 3:38pm. The message said there was a vessel "with many passengers on board" and no skipper about 29 nautical miles south of Cape Greco.

A commercial ship spotted a vessel 'with many passengers on board' and without a skipper

Officials called the coast guard while emergency medics and a police helicopter were standing by. First responders completed the rescue operation around 8:40pm, according to CNA.

A total of 14 undocumented migrants were taken to Larnaca port, where ten adult males were escorted to Nicosia’s Kokkinotrimithia reception centre, while three children and a pregnant woman were admitted to the local hospital as a precaution.

The travelers were described as Syrian nationals and possible asylum seekers, who paid 500 dollars each for the journey. According to statements made to police, they bought the vessel with their own money and began their journey for Cyprus somewhere along the Lebanon-Syrian border.

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