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Weather shifts ahead

Expect weekend showers and thunderstorms


Get ready for a weather rollercoaster in our area! Currently, a weak high-pressure system is holding its ground, but come Saturday, low pressure will swoop in, bringing with it a dash of drama in the form of intermittent dust in the evening.

Today's forecast includes a gradual takeover of high clouds, accompanied by northeast to southeast winds at a light to moderate speed of 3 to 4, occasionally cranking up to a robust 4 to 5 Beaufort.

Keep an eye on the sea—it'll start a bit choppy and progress to downright choppy by the afternoon. Temperature-wise, we're looking at around 23 degrees inland, 22 degrees on the east coast, 24 degrees on the rest of the coast, and a cooler 14 degrees up in the mountains.

As night falls, expect intermittent high clouds to grace the sky. Winds will maintain a northeast direction at a moderate 4 Beaufort, occasionally flexing to a stronger 5 Beaufort.

The sea will keep you guessing, ranging from slightly choppy to locally rough. Temperatures will take a dip to around 11 degrees inland, 14 degrees on the coast, and a brisk 6 degrees in the higher mountains.

Looking ahead to Thursday, the weather is set to be mostly clear, with a chance of increasing clouds in the afternoon, especially in the mountains. Temperatures will gradually climb, promising an above-average day.

Friday continues the trend of clear skies, with a sprinkle of clouds in the afternoon, mostly hanging around the mountains. Temperatures, once again, are on the rise, surpassing the average.

Hold onto your hats for Saturday! Anticipate growing clouds, bringing isolated showers, and brace yourself for localized showers and isolated thunderstorms in the evening.

Temperatures will ascend, reaching values above the climatic average. Stay weather-wise and enjoy the weekend vibes!

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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