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21 July, 2024
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Week starts off with rain and thunder

Easter Sunday gives way to clouds, showers, and possibly hail


Wet and cloudy weather is setting in on Monday, just after a rather uneventful Easter Sunday, and it won’t get better for another couple of days.

Monday will be partly cloudy with periods of mostly cloudy weather, rain showers, and isolated thunderstorms, primarily out west and in the mountains initially but later spreading in other areas.

The forecast also includes a chance of hail during thunderstorms.

During the day, temperatures will reach 22° Celsius inland and all around the coast, and 12° on the mountains. In the evening, temperatures will drop as clouds set in, with lows dropping down to 9° inland, 10° along the coastal regions, and 3° on the mountains.

Tuesday is expected to be mostly clear but with periods of cloudy skies intermittently with a chance of rain showers and isolated thunderstorms. Hail is also likely while there will be no noticeable shift in temperature.

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