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Who earns what? Insights into top government salaries in Cyprus

Newly released data unveils varied earnings across top officials in Cyprus government, based on February 2024 payroll

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Newly released data from the Treasury of the Republic of Cyprus reveals that the highest-paid government officials in the country include the Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General, Supreme Court President, and Supreme Constitutional Court President, with annual earnings reaching €114,491. This surpasses the annual emoluments of the President of the Republic, set at €114,039.

The President and members of the Court of Appeal earn €103,415 annually, securing the second spot in the salary hierarchy. The President of the House of Representatives holds the fourth spot with an annual salary of €92,731, followed by the President of the District Court at €92,332.

The Health Supervision Commissioner and the President of the Competition Protection Committee receive an annual salary of €91,440.

Independent officials like the Auditor General and the Accountant General of the Republic earn €89,147 annually, equivalent to Permanent Secretaries of Ministries, the Director General of the House of Representatives, and the Chief of Police.

Ministers and Deputy Ministers receive annual net salaries of €75,674, while MPs and religious representatives earn €65,100.

The Director of the Press Office of the President of the Republic holds the lowest net annual salary at €41,155.

These figures, based on the officials' February 2024 payroll, highlight the salary disparities within the government hierarchy.

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