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Winds, dust, and rain: Who will be impacted by inclement weather?

The information relayed to 'K' by Matthaios Papadakis, a department of meteorology official

by Andreas Kokkinos

The mostly clear weather that has prevailed over the last few days will not last long, as the new weather forecast predicts showers, isolated storms, strong winds, and an outbreak of dust. All of this is expected to result in a slight drop in temperature, bringing it closer to normal for the season.

Speaking to "Kathimerini," Matthaios Papadakis, a Department of Meteorology official, provided a clear picture of what to expect from today until at least next Thursday (November 3). Starting today, there is a chance of localized light showers shortly after noon, with the phenomenon primarily affecting mountainous areas. The possibility of isolated thunderstorms in mountainous areas in the afternoon cannot be ruled out.

The weather will be mostly clear tonight, but a low barometer to the east (between Cyprus and Lebanon) may cause some isolated showers, with the possibility of rain continuing tomorrow in the southern mountainous areas of the Troodos and towards Limassol. Winds will be mainly north-westerly and northerly between three and four Beaufort and locally up to a strong four to five Beaufort.

The weather picture shows a dust storm that will last from today to Wednesday. Today (Monday, October 31) will be 27 degrees in the interior, 28 on the southern coast, and 26 on the rest of the coast, with temperatures reaching 17 in the higher mountains. The temperature will fall slightly over the next three days, approaching seasonal averages, while the atmosphere will become cloudier, raising the possibility of isolated showers, primarily in the mountains.


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