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Woman arrested after clash with police over self-harm threat

Authorities confront woman's self-immolation claim in eviction row


Police authorities sprang into action following reports of a 61-year-old female resident, under court order for eviction, allegedly dousing herself with gasoline and threatening self-immolation. The dramatic escalation unfolded when the resident adamantly refused compliance with the eviction order and even turned violent towards law enforcement.

The ordeal commenced with a bailiff's plea for police intervention to enforce a court-issued eviction order at a residence in Limassol. Despite repeated entreaties, the tenant staunchly resisted vacating the premises, triggering legal recourse.

Concurrently, distressing intelligence reached authorities, indicating the woman's purported intent to set herself ablaze after purportedly being drenched in petrol.

In swift response, officers from the Limassol Central Police Station swiftly converged on the scene, anticipating potential hazards and summoning fire services to stand ready.

Contrary to initial reports, the woman vehemently refuted allegations of self-endangerment, vehemently denying any intent to ignite herself.

However, tensions reached a boiling point as the woman not only rebuffed the court order but also resorted to assaulting a police officer, prompting her immediate arrest on charges of self-inflicted offenses.

An ongoing investigation is underway, delving into allegations of obstructing a judicial officer, flouting a court decree, and perpetrating violence against law enforcement.

Concurrently, authorities have alerted the Social Welfare Services to extend support and secure alternative accommodation for the distressed individual.

As police inquiries progress, it is anticipated that the woman will be released later today pending further legal deliberations.

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