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Woman beaten, left unconscious in Paralimni

Greek man arrested on physical assault charges, Polish woman released from hospital


A man was arrested on Tuesday morning for beating a woman and leaving her unconscious on a public road in Paralimni.

According to police, a 39-year-old Greek national was apprehended by authorities in Paralimni in connection with an assault against a 33-year-old woman from Poland, who was badly beaten and left unconscious on a local road around 2:30am.

The male suspect was an acquaintance of the female victim, according to media reports, with some describing him as a friend.

The woman was taken to Famagusta General Hospital where she was diagnosed with multiple assault wounds, including an injury to her temporal lobes, a head bump resulting from hematoma on the head, as well as abrasions and bruises in other parts of her body.

Police said the woman was treated in the Emergency Room and requested to be released after she regained her strength.

CID Famagusta are investigating the case.

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