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Forensic evidence leads to arrests in forgotten weapons stash

Two men aged 82 and 42 not cooperating with police over weapons found seven years ago


A long and forgotten cache of weapons discovered seven years ago is back in the headlines, as two men have been arrested based on new forensic evidence.

According to police, two men aged 82 and 42 were arrested Monday evening in connection with the discovery of a G3 army rifle and ammunition back in July 2011. The stash, which was found in an abandoned residence in Kelokedara village, Paphos district, also included two hunting rifles, a Flobert carbine rifle, and four revolvers.

More scientific evidence also linked the 82-year-old to another case, when police back in June 2014 discovered an improvised explosive device in a different location, near the Universal area also in Paphos district. The IED was said at the time to have been well hidden behind dry leaves underneath some old ceramics.

The two men were reportedly not cooperating with police and did not answer any questions by investigators.

CID Paphos are investigating the case.



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